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Do you really wanna know? Well... alright then. It's a perfectly imperfect, dull world out there and he just wants to paint it. He wants you to paint it too. He's not selfish. "Watch my back. Tell me if any cars are coming." Sure thing J. "Wow! Look how fucking cool that looks!" It's a really infectious smile he's got there. I didn't even want to smile so now it's kinda weird. "Why are they always on our God damn asses?" Shit J I don't know. "I just want a place where everyone can do this undisturbed!" Wouldn't that be nice? "So being an artist gets you jail time......" The law is a bunch of colorless assholes J. Sorry. "Fuck em'!!" So you got jokes too huh J? "What's better than painting and laughing at the same time??" If i didn't know any better J I'd actually answer that question. "Was I supposed to just settle for fucking conformity?" Jesus J a little heavy on the humor don't you think? "Smug faces need love too." I guess you're right. "I just really want to know why creative is bad. Why everything is just supposed to stay coated in boring gray mush! It's bullshit! So many eager young minds about that are stifled and ridiculed! Just thinking about this crazy shit gets me real fucking pissed!" I'd like to know how to change it to J. I think the majority of us are on your side 100%. "Well that makes me feel a little better and actually doesn't surprise me. I am pretty fucking awesome!" I swear one day we'll figure it out J. "Maybe. I really hope so for the sake of humanity." You wanna go skate later J? "Shit yea man." Awesome. "Can I ask you something?" Why yes of course. "Do you ever just feel like it's not worth it anymore? That the world is too far gone to even make a difference?" Woah J. I really don't think comedy is your strong suit. "Ok. You got me. There's always hope." You had me going there dude. "It's what I do. I create the distraction. It's that visual manipulation shit." That wall looks amazing J. "Thanks man. One brick at a time the gray will become brighter. One day at a time the world will become more colorful. And one day all the colorless assholes in the whole entire fucking world won't be able to do a God damn thing to stop it. The painted walls and the souls that brushed them will become so blindingly bright they'll have no choice but to surrender!" Fuck man. Wow. Now I know they'll never win. "Precisely grasshopper." You are one of the greatest people I have ever know J. "Just keep creating that distraction my friend. Keep manipulating the shit out of those visuals. Let's go skate."