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Krudclops Wood Cutouts


Image of Krudclops Wood Cutouts

Creatures of the imagination brought to life. The Krudclops could be from another planet? Another dimension? Or wherever you think they're from. On the left you have Grog. The lady in the middle is Miss Siren. Last guy on the right is Jorp. They're family, or best friends, or siblings, or lovers... Who knows! The more you look at them the more you see their personalities. If wood Cutouts aren't your thing that's no problem. They can be put on canvas or if you like framed prints that's cool too. Please note that every piece I create is one of a kind. If you think of something else you'd like a Krudclop member on let me know because I'm always open to new ideas. P.S. prices will vary according to the piece you pick.