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JJGUNS is an amazingly passionate, and talented artist. He is Driven. He is loyal to his work, as well as his family, and his friends. He has a message. It has never been a negative one contrary to what some might think. He makes you ask questions. He makes you question yourself. His work is very diverse in the feelings department, however, you may find similarities in several of his pieces. Not only does he decorate the walls of this home, he works very hard to be able to keep doing what he loves. Screen printer by day, Painter/Artist by night. Everything about this man screams ART! This is a very compassionate and empathetic man as well. If you ever get the pleasure of knowing him in person, you'd soon after understand the reason I say this. Though many of us have our "days" he consistently tries to be the smile in every room. He's what i guess you'd call a "goof ball"!! I can tell you about a time or two I was physically unable to stop laughing at his hilarious jokes and quirky antics. His greatness surely does not erase the ugly side of life. There have been many steep, uphill battles for him, like any other normal human being. Whether you ever get to find out the details is entirely up to you and him. It is not my place to divulge such information. I personally know of many of these troublesome endeavors he's endured but surely I don't know them all. I couldn't tell you if he, you, or I had it worse at any point but I will say that with the bad always comes the good. He has chosen not to dwell on such occurrences. Every trial and tribulation this man has gone through is what made him the man he is today. I do hope that one day you get to meet him and maybe befriend him. He is definitely one of the best human beings I have ever met in my 28 years on this earth. He is perfectly imperfect in all the right ways. He is and I believe always will be a joy to be around. HE IS WEIRD. HE IS UNIQUE. HE IS TORTURED. HE IS FREE. HE IS IMPERFECT. HE IS FLAWLESS. HE IS MYSTERIOUS. HE IS AN OPEN BOOK. HE LOVES. HE HATES. HE IS... AN ARTIST